The automated carbon accounting platform

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and online calculators. Dodo helps you measure your company and supply chain emissions in minutes.

How it works

The easy way to get to Net Zero emissions

Measure emissions in minutes, not months

We connect with Excel or your Accounting tool to rapidly measure your company and supplier emissions.

Dodo has read-only data access and bank-grade security to give you peace of mind.

Advanced carbon reporting

Drill-down into your footprint. View emissions across your entire company and spot where they’re highest. Access Scope 1, 2, and 3 for external stakeholder reporting.

Understand your suppliers, report by scope, filter by category and much more. Everything you need in one place.

Set goals and take action

Build the plan that will help you achieve net zero emissions.

Understand what it takes to reduce your company's environmental impact and learn about available initiatives to take action.

Invest in the future of carbon, today

Invest in cutting-edge carbon removal and avoidance projects right from your dashboard.

We work directly with our innovative partners to ensure their quality and impact.

Use cases

Designed for every teams of all sizes

For Enterprise

Engage with your supply chain

Dodo makes it easy for you to measure and report on supply chain emissions. Support your suppliers with an automated platform to track their emissions with ease.

Say goodbye to painful ESG reporting. Dodo is a single platform that helps you to comply with SFDR/SECR and the EU Taxonomy.

For Startups

Carbon reporting made simple

It can be a burden to report on total emissions for your enterprise clients.

We integrate with your existing tools to help you measure your climate impact, report on your emissions, and set up your net zero goals.


Trusted by climate leaders

Sally Landu

Group Environmental Associate

"Measuring our emissions has never been easier! Do it without hesitation, Dodo not only helps to measure, analyse and reduce your carbon footprint but they also take time to help you understand what is best for your organisation."

Sho Sugihara

CEO at Pave

"Dodo enabled us to rapidly measure our footprint and helped us to understand where we could start reducing our emissions. The whole process was incredibly easy and allowed our company to become sustainable in our business practices."


Climate certified

Confidently communicate your sustainability strategy through our use of industry leading carbon standards and methodologies.


Dodo uses the GHG protocol spend-based method, alongside the UK DEFRA and BEIS conversion factors to guarantee total accuracy.


Dodo reports are aligned with international and country specific standards such as the SECR and PPN 06/21 in the UK, and TCFD and SFDR globally


We've partnered with the very best carbon removal projects that supports standards like the UN SDGs, the Gold Standard, and the Climate Action Reserve.


The latest climate insights

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Getting to Net Zero

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