About Dodo

Helping companies to measure, analyse and reduce their emissions

Why now?

A recent LSE study predicted that global warming will wipe $2.5 trillion dollars off the world’s financial assets. That’s why by the year 2050 we need to reduce emissions by 60%. This is the single biggest problem for our future, and we need to be the ones that solve it. 

We want to help small and medium sized companies to reduce 40m tonnes of the world’s CO2 emissions by 2025. 

The problem however is that it’s incredibly hard for companies to take action. We found that many companies want to do something about climate change but find it hard to know even where to start. 

How does it help SMEs?

SMEs account for over 50% of the UK’s carbon footprint, but it can take a huge amount of time and cost for these companies to become carbon neutral.

We want to solve this problem by completely removing the barriers for SMEs to understand their carbon footprint. 

We do this by automatically measuring CO2 emissions so that companies can become carbon neutral and start making an impact. 

We take the whole process from a matter of months, to just a few minutes. 

Our team

Dodo was founded in early 2020 with a mission to help SMEs to become carbon neutral. 

We’ve been supported by the European Climate KIC programme, the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation and Imperial College’s Greenhouse programme. 

Our team has over 20 years of startup experience. We wanted to put our skills to good use and work to solve our generation’s biggest challenge: climate change. 


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We’re a Travel Tech company. We’re pretty obsessed with Travel and everything about it. But we’re also aware of what Travel means for our planet, and we want to be conscious of the world we create.
We’re doing our bit to combat climate change by investing in planet saving projects across the world.
We are committed to a sustainable and low carbon future that improves the social, economical, and environmental wellbeing of our employees, clients, data, and the wider community.
We believe we have an obligation as a company to be sustainable in our business practices, and also towards the environment we work in.