Carbon neutral in just a few minutes

We’ve spoken to hundreds of small to medium sized companies who want to make an impact, but struggle to understand how to even get started. The challenges are many:

  • Collecting data from lots of different sources across the company
  • Finding the right calculator to measure these emissions
  • Lack of time to calculate emissions each month
  • Finding the right projects to invest in
  • And sharing your progress.

We want to make it as easy and as simple as possible for companies to manage their emissions. Today, we’re launching the latest version of our tool to do just that. What does it do?

Measure and manage your emissions

Choose your industry and team size

We’ve collected publicly available sustainability data across nine industries and have used this to provide an estimate of emissions for your company. All you have to do is select your industry and the size of your team, and we can show you what your emissions look like.

Carbon Neutral
Adjust your carbon footprint

You can adjust these figures based on your company to make them even more accurate. We’ve even included a way to track the emissions of your team if they are fully remote or if some percentage of the team are commuting.

Everything you need to become carbon neutral

Our end-to-end solution has covered everything that you need. In just two clicks, you can setup your subscription to Dodo. We invest 90% of these revenues into our triple verified, gold standard carbon capturing projects. This ensures that your company can become carbon neutral.

Internal company dashboard to track emissions

Once you’ve signed up, you can head over to your internal company dashboard to track your emissions. Each month we’ll also send you a reminder to update your data so that your carbon footprint can continue to be accurate.

Your Carbon Neutral certified Sustainability profile

You can also set up your public Sustainability Profile, where you can share your progress with your team or potential hires, add it on your website or share with your customers. This is automatically updated every month so no need for any further work. Want to see an example?

We want to help companies to make an impact. You can start making yours by clicking the link below!

Want to get more information? You can email us at [email protected]

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