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Our impact

We started our sustainability journey in December 2020, since then we captured 43.75 tonnes of CO2

This is enough to cover one of these


Long haul flights


Days of Zoom calls


Less water bottles


Miles driven in a car

Why are we doing this?

We enable hotels to look towards more sustainable solutions, therefore we do the same. We are constantly refining how we operate to ensure we are walking the walk.

Our projects

We are investing in these projects to keep us carbon neutral

For Peat's Sake

Protecting 157,000 hectares of carbon-sequestering peat swamp, endangered animals and local communities.

The Katingan Project reduced over 7.5 mm tonnes of CO₂ each year by protecting and restoring the peat swamp ecosystem, one of the largest remaining of its kind.

Alto Mayo Protected Forest

The Alto Mayo forest is twice the size of New York City but it’s under threat from deforestation despite its protected status.

This project seeks to protect nearly 450,000 acres from deforestation. More trees = more oxygen.

Kenyan Grasslands, Water & Wildlife Preservation

A critical wildlife corridor, Chyulu Hills is located between two national parks, Amboseli and Tsavo, in southeastern Kenya and has been severely impacted by overgrazing, drought, deforestation, and forest degradation.

This project aims to preserve the 410,000-hectare expanse while also preventing the emission of about 18 million tonnes of CO₂ over the 30-year life of the project.

Affordable Cookstoves in Uganda

90% of Ugandans burn wood or charcoal in an open fire that emits more heat to the air than it does to their cookpots. 

This project makes and distributes cookstoves that reduce charcoal or wood use for cooking by over 50%. It cuts carbon emissions and deforestation while providing life-changing health benefits and cost savings to local families.


Go Carbon Neutral

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