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Our Impact

We started our sustainability journey in September 2020, since then we captured 175.01 tonnes of CO2

This is enough to cover one of these


Long haul flights


Days of Zoom calls


Less water bottles


Miles driven in a car

Why are we doing this?

We’re a Travel Tech company. We’re pretty obsessed with Travel and everything about it. But we’re also aware of what Travel means for our planet, and we want to be conscious of the world we create.

Our Projects

We are investing in these projects to keep us carbon neutral

For Peat's Sake

Protecting 157,000 hectares of carbon-sequestering peat swamp, endangered animals and local communities.

The Katingan Project reduced over 7.5 mm tonnes of CO₂ each year by protecting and restoring the peat swamp ecosystem, one of the largest remaining of its kind.

Alto Mayo Protected Forest

The Alto Mayo forest is twice the size of New York City but it’s under threat from deforestation despite its protected status.

This project seeks to protect nearly 450,000 acres from deforestation. More trees = more oxygen.


Biogas Digesters and Clean Cookstoves

This project builds biogas digesters that convert organic waste into clean renewable energy to fuel clean cookstoves.

Much of rural Sichuan Province in China lacks proper waste management degrading hygiene and creating methane gas emissions that are 25 times more harmful to the planet than CO₂.

Brazilian Amazon Rosewood Conservation Project

Preventing deforestation, giving degraded forests an opportunity to regenerate and improving the livelihoods of local Riverine families.

The project has been implemented to prevent unplanned deforestation in native forests by monitoring and conserving nearly 180,000 hectares in 17 privately owned parcels or “Glebas” in the Portel, a micro-region of Brazil.


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