Alto Mayo Protected Forest

Tropical forests are the Earth’s lungs—absorbing CO₂ and releasing oxygen. This project seeks to protect nearly 450,000 acres from deforestation. More trees = more oxygen.

About the project

This project protects nearly 450,000 acres from deforestation. Since trees sequester carbon pollution, more trees = less CO₂. The Alto Mayo forest is twice the size of New York City but it’s under threat from deforestation despite its protected status.

This project provides technical assistance and advice on the ground to transform illegal loggers into organic coffee farmers and eco-entrepreneurs. Local people earn more while taking pride in protecting the forest and its endangered plants and animals and the planet benefits.

Why we chose this project

Over 6 million tonnes of CO2 have been captured through this project to date. The project also aims to have a longer term benefit through sustainable farming techniques in the protected forest area.

Project verification

UN sustainable development goals

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