Accelerating sustainable finance

Boost the accuracy of your financed emissions, automatically capture customer data, and expand your green loan offering.

The problem

Green lending should
be easier

The solution

One platform to capture emissions and issue green loans

Automated data collection

Use our white label solution to invite your customers to the platform.

In just two clicks, they connect their accounting system to share their financial data. We integrate with 94% of accounting software globally, including excel.

Accurate emissions reporting

Emissions are refreshed on a daily basis, enabling you to create reports on your financed emissions.

We enrich this with publicly available emissions and activity-based data to provide total accuracy across Scope 1, 2 and 3.

Everything you need in one place.

Green loans to support your customers

Help your customers reduce their emissions and energy costs.

Embed your green lending offering within the platform to track the impact, verify purchases, and boost your revenues.


Turning financial data into a greener future

Simple, fast and impactful

Fast, white label solution
Boost customer engagement
Improve your ESG metrics

Climate certified

Confidently communicate your sustainability strategy through our use of industry leading carbon standards and methodologies.


Dodo uses the GHG protocol spend-based method, alongside the DEFRA and EXIOBASE conversion factors to guarantee total accuracy.


Dodo reports are aligned with international and country specific standards such as the SECR, TCFD and SFDR.


We're partnered with the best carbon methodologies and offsetting projects to support climate action.

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Automate your emissions.
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Accurate emissions data

The latest climate insights

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