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Dodo Climate Positive

Our vision

By 2025 we want to reduce 400m tonnes or 1% or the world’s CO2 emissions.

Why Dodo?

A perk for the next generation

No one likes stale and impersonal company perks.

Sustainability is now an employee expectation. Get ahead of the curve and retain hires for longer with perks tailored towards the next generation.

Your sustainability profile

Offset your company’s footprint to become climate positive.

See the progress you’ve made every month with your tailor made sustainability profile.

Long lasting impact

Align your actions to your company’s internal values.

With projects across the world, your company can have a far reaching impact on the environment.

Start now


We’ve made sustainability easy using industry benchmarks to estimate your company’s footprint.  

Our simple subscription service allows you to become carbon neutral every month.

Advanced beta

We integrate with accounting software to help your company understand its carbon footprint in under 5 minutes.

Automatically calculate, track and offset your carbon footprint in real-time to become carbon neutral.

Verified projects that we support

Whether you’re a startup or a global company we can help to make your company climate positive. We’ve hand chosen projects that capture carbon from the atmosphere such as reforestation and peatland protection.

For Peat's Sake


Biogas Digesters for Farmers


Alto Mayo Protected Forest


Amazon Rosewood Conservation


Your questions

Dodo charges a 10% fee on top of any investments you make. This means that 100% of your payments goes towards the project itself. Our 10% service charge covers transaction costs such as Stripe (2.9%) as well as the development and marketing costs to develop our business. Our vision is to reduce 400m tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere and we use this fee to expand our company’s impact across the world. 

Each month, we publish evidence from our project partners showing how much carbon offsets that we have purchased and how much CO2 has been removed. Once a carbon offset has been purchased, it is then retired so it can’t be re-sold again to a different customer. This way, you can be assured that your investment is making an impact on lowering your company’s environmental footprint.

Planting trees is just one way to capture CO2 emissions from the air. However, it can take a tree up to 5 years before it reaches maturity so we need other projects that help to have an immediate impact on climate change. Methane capture is a perfect example – it is 15x more harmful to the environment than CO2 and can be captured at source to reduce its effect on greenhouse gases. 

Once you subscribe, your company will immediately start investing in carbon capturing projects to lower your company’s footprint. Each month, we’ll send you updates on your project and the total amount of CO2 that you’ve removed from the atmosphere. You are free to cancel or update your subscription at any time. 

For our estimated company footprint we use an industry standard calculator to generate the average emissions for your industry. We also use the widely referenced Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs calculator for a more accurate calculation of your company footprint.   

Of course – we provide you with a publicly available dashboard which you can share with your employees and customers. This dashboard shows your impact in lowering your company’s carbon footprint. 

Yes! If you’d prefer to see an accurate figure for your emissions, we have built a custom tool that connects to all major accounting software. This allows us to generate the emissions for your entire company based on your expenses data. Get in touch with us below if you are interested in testing this out. 

We always advise you to look to reduce your company’s carbon footprint before purchasing offsets. Some common examples include:

1) Changing your electricity source to renewables.

2) Install automatic timers to switch off lights and appliances to save energy.

3) Install software that allows for employees to conduct video conferences instead of flying.

4) Optimise logistics to remove waste from your organisation.

Climate change is a massive problem and we need to reduce global emissions by 45% by 2030 to avoid a climate catastrophe. To fuel this mission, we need to raise investments to build our team and scale our impact. Because of this, we’ve chosen to become a limited company instead of a charity to help us achieve our mission. 

Climate change is the single biggest problem for our generation and its effects are only increasing – even with the impact of COVID 19 on CO2 emissions. We need to take action now to reduce the worst effects and protect the environment. 

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