Best in class carbon calculation & compliance

You can confidently communicate your sustainability strategy through our use of industry leading carbon standards and machine learning system. Dodo gives your business the tools to start making an impact.

How does it work?

There are many ways to calculate your carbon footprint. At Dodo, we use the spend-based method for a fast and accurate estimate of emissions. How does it work?

With your accounting software in 2 steps
We automatically
categorise items
Our algorithm converts expenses to emissions
We review & update categories for accuracy

Calculated using verified methodology

Dodo uses the GHG protocol spend-based method, alongside the UK DEFRA and BEIS conversion factors to guarantee total accuracy.

If you spent £100 on a flight for example, we multiply this by the carbon emissions factor for flights (e.g. 3) to generate 300 kgs of CO2.

This method allows you to calculate emissions on thousands of expenses in just a few minutes.

Aligned with these trusted standards

Dodo measures emissions using the GHG protocol spend-based method.

We use the widely referenced UK DEFRA and BEIS conversion factors to guarantee total accuracy.

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