Case Study

Dodo Case Study: The Shearwater Group

Our latest case study from The Shearwater Group
Jack Kennedy
2 mins
Shearwater Group

Tell us a bit about the Shearwater Group?

Shearwater Group plc is an award-winning organisational resilience group that provides cyber security, advisory and managed security services to help assure and secure businesses in a connected global economy.

When did you first start thinking about reducing your emissions?

We started back in April 2019 and became Carbon Neutral in March 2020, the Shearwater Group plc companies started contributing to this initiative by way of offsetting their carbon footprint through planting trees within the UK. The number of trees planted was calculated through how many tons of carbon dioxide the groups activities generated annually and how many trees it would take to offset those emissions.

What are some of the things you have achieved through Dodo?

  • Measured our footprint across all scope of emissions (Scope 1, 2 and 3)
  • Enabled us to create more enhanced carbon emission reports and analyse our emissions data.
  • Updated our Quality Management System for the group.
  • Setting our carbon reduction goals for the years ahead and created new group policies to help reduce our emissions.

Why do you think it is important for companies to take action?

Calculating your company's carbon footprint is a necessary step to understanding your company's contribution to global warming so you can identify ways to reduce it and keep our planet healthy.

How have you taken action?

We captured 710 tonnes of CO2 and reinforced our current carbon reduction policies.

What would you say to people considering using Dodo?

Do it without hesitation, Dodo not only helps to measure, analyse and reduce your carbon footprint but they also take time to help you understand what is best for your organisation.

You can check out The Shearwater Group's Sustainability Profile here.

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