Can my company have a carbon footprint?

What does my company's carbon footprint look like?
Csaba Szabo
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A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide (or CO2) that is released into the atmosphere as a result of your day-to-day activities.

This is most commonly used at an individual level but companies of all industries have one too. Think about business flights, data centres and the energy used in your co-working space - each of these activities releases CO2 into the air.

What does my company's carbon footprint look like?

What does 1 tonne of CO2 look like?

Carbon emissions are typically measured in tonnes of CO2. What does that actually mean? Above is an example of what a tonne of CO2 looks like.

A tech company in the UK typically produces 10 tonnes of CO2 per employee per year. So if they have 100 employees, that's 1,000 of these balloons released every year.

Why does it matter to understand my company's footprint?

1,000 tonnes of CO2 is also the same as taking 689 long haul flights, 285 years of watching Netflix, and 45,000 trees needed to absorb a similar amount of CO2. As you can see, every company is contributing to the warming of the planet and understanding your company's footprint is essential to being able to reduce your impact.

The impact of 1,000 tonnes of CO2

Why does that matter for your company? Climate change won't just have an impact on the ecological system but also on your bottom line. A recent London School of Economics study predicted that global warming will wipe 2.5 trillion dollars off the world's financial assets if allowed to continue unchecked at its current rate.

That means that reducing emissions is essential to every company's future survival.

What can my company do to tackle their emissions?

At Dodo, we don't believe in shaming companies over a problem they didn't know existed! Instead, we empower companies to take action and make a positive impact on the world.

The first step is understanding where your company's highest emissions are. Secondly, we help to put a plan in place to reduce these emissions over time. Lastly, we partner with you to invest in climate projects so as to capture these emissions and make your company climate positive.

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