Our Climate Impact Report

We are helping the global insurance sector innovate


Total CO2

74.53 tonnes

CO2 Offset

195 tonnes


Sep 2020

Scope covered

1,2 & 3

We’ve measured our entire carbon footprint

Heating &
Electricity &
Commuting &
working from home
100%  of our
supply chain

Why are we doing this?


We align with these trusted standards

We’re committed to incorporating the highest quality standards when it comes to our carbon footprint.

From the methodologies we use to calculate our emissions, to the reduction targets we set, we’re aligned with the best.

Projects we support

We are committed to reducing our emissions in line with global targets.  We invest in carbon offsets to capture the residual emissions in our business.

Offsets - Kelp

Running Tide Kelp Sequestration

Oceans represent two-thirds of the Earth’s surface and have an understated role to play in the future of our life on Earth.

Growing and sinking kelp forests, which can store up to 20 times more carbon per acre than land forests.

Offsets - Trees

Kenya International Small Group Tree Planting

Harnessing the power of smallholder Kenyan farmers to plant millions of trees, while generating long-term carbon-credit income.

The programme supports smallholder farmers in Kenya in planting trees on their community land in order to reduce run-off and erosion.

Offsets - Wind

India Gujarat State Wind Farm

Generating wind energy in a country whose grid is dominated by fossil fuels.

The project consists of the installation of 12 Wind Energy Convertors (WECs) of installed capacity of 800 KW each with a total generating capacity of 9.6 MW.

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