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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Dodo's 7-day free trial work?

Your free 7-day trial lets you try out every feature on Dodo and see just how easy it is to measure your entire monthly emissions using our environmental software. No contract. No credit card. No obligation.

What happens when my free trial ends?

Your company can switch to a monthly subscription plan so that you can automatically measure and reduce your emissions every month.

How does the subscription work?

A Dodo subscription plan is a rolling 30-day contract which you’re free to cancel at any time. We charge for your subscription (and any carbon offsets, if you choose this option too) on the 17th of each month.

How do you measure my company’s emissions?

We estimate your emissions based on how much you’ve spent in each category e.g. £100 spent on a flight equals 300kgs of CO2. We calculate them using the GHG protocol and the UK DEFRA and BEIS conversion factors to guarantee total accuracy.

Can you help with carbon offsets for small businesses?

Yes! We partner with Patch for the very best carbon removal and negative emissions projects for you to choose from. Each project is triple verified and sourced from the highest quality developers.

What software does Dodo connect with?

Xero, Quickbooks, Sage and Excel. If you’ve a different favourite software platform, let us know at We’ve plans to add more - yours could be next.

I’ve more questions. Where can I find answers?

We’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with the team at

You could be spending thousands on this problem

Even getting your basic reporting in place with a spreadsheet and online calculator takes time and money. Why have the hassle when you can leave everything up to Dodo instead?

Your current activity
Average time
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Collecting supplier data
7 hours / month
Calculating carbon footprint
10 hours / month
Presenting and publishing results
3 hours / month
Researching reduction ideas
3 hours / month
20-25 hours / mo
£500-£1,000 / mo

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